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If you're in the process of applying for a PhD in the humanities and the arts, then you should expect that you will need to write some kind of research proposal when applying.

Here are some quick tips to follow when writing a strong PhD research proposal:-

1. If you are looking to formulate a research proposal that is interesting and precise, you should look to ask a research question that is open ended or that has a hypothesis that will be tested against a specific set of criteria.

2. You should firmly establish the value and relevance of the research proposal question in the context of current academic thinking.

3. You should evaluate and describe the source material or data that your research requires showing that you can outline a practical and clear methodology, so that this enables you to properly answer the research question.

4. You must demonstrate that the proposed research will take no longer than three years.

5. In every good research proposal you should state what you hope to discover by the time you have completed your research and what new study areas that you hope it will open up in the future.

6. You should clearly explain why you are capable and qualified to carry out the proposed research.

7. You should show a degree of sensitivity to the current research aims of higher education funding and you should make sure that these aims pertain to your chosen subject area.

8. You should clearly demonstrate to your supervisor and the institution, why you should be selected to undertake this research.

9. Above all, make sure your research proposal is unambiguous, concise and grammatically correct.

You should look for a good dissertation proposal example online if you can or you can ask the University that you are looking to study at, for previous examples of good dissertation proposals.

However, if you are looking for dissertation proposal writing, then you should browse through our pages for tips and tricks on how to complete your dissertation proposal.

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