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If you are one of the lucky ones that has a well defined PhD topic that is normally tied to a research scholarship, then congratulations you don’t need to read this section.  

However if you are not one of these students, you still need to work out how you will choose the perfect dissertation topic.

Most prospective PhD students are fired up with enthusiasm for some kind of particular topic that they want to study.   If at the moment, you have something in mind that you want to solve, even if you think it will change the world, then you shouldn’t pursue this as a research topic for your PhD, as come three or four years time, you will come to hate your research topic. 

Our suggestion is to pick a subject towards a subject that you already bear some opposition towards.   More often than not that there has to be a trade off between the possible rewards and risks of a thesis topic.

If you are looking to answer one of great unanswered questions of our time in your research, then there is a good chance that you could meet with failure.   But picture this if you did succeed, you could be famous?

This is why most students opt for a safe option, so that they can actually get their PhD within a three or four year time period.


So our best advice to you when trying to choose a dissertation topic (or when selecting from a range of dissertation topics) for your PhD is to choose a topic which is original, mainstream and something that can be achieved with ease.    

If you are looking for more information on how our experienced PhD writers can help you to choose the perfect dissertation topic, then visit our PhD Topics page.


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