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Here are Three Things to Consider For Writing Your Dissertation!

1. Writing a dissertation is and will be a completely new experience for you.

Up until now, being a graduate student has just been an extension of being a high school student.   Most people, go to graduate school because they have been good at school and want to simply carry on something that brings them self confidence and success.

The labs, tests, papers and reading assignments that you have been assigned over the years as a graduate student are not much different from the type of work you undertook in your undergraduate work.  


However dissertation writing whether this at Masters or PhD level is something entirely different to anything you might have done in the past and marks the transition from being a student to a scholar for you.  

2. Writing a dissertation is not only a totally new experience, but a very large independent project.

Dissertation writing is very much like writing a book.  It is a self-directed process. There are none of the usual weekly deadline demands from your lecturers, no reading assignments, no discussions with classmates and lastly no one really telling you what to do – you are now an ‘island’ and all on your own!

3. A dissertation that marks the transition from being a student to a scholar is stressful as a result!

Whilst embarking on this independent and large project called a dissertation, you might start to ask yourself questions about your academic future.  The dissertation is after all like the beginning of the end for your graduate career.

After finishing your dissertation, you will have to change your life and this will happen pretty dramatically.   You will most probably be looking for a job, leaving behind all of your friends at college and saying goodbye to everything you have taken for granted over the last three or four years.

You might also see that your dissertation may define your professional identity.   As in it will be defining your theoretical influences, your research interests and your skills as a writer and academic scholar. 

Whether you believe this or not, consequently you might now find yourself asking questions about your commitment to your chosen topic or profession and this might even impede you from your dissertation writing.

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