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There is not one single format for writing research proposals.  Donor organisations, different disciplines and academic institutions all have different requirements and different formats. 

However, there are several key components that should be included in every research proposal and they are as follows:-

• The research problem’s description.
• A valid argument of why the problem you are researching is important.
• A literature review that is relevant to the research problem.
• A description of the research methodology being proposed.
• A good description of the research findings and how they will be disseminated or used in the future.

Before you can make your proposal make sense to the reader, the reader must clearly understand what the proposed research is about.  Therefore, you should begin your research question using a simple and clear formulation.

Take a look at the following examples: 

• This research project will explore the growth of vigilantism amongst different sectors of the population within South Africa, with particular research and focuses on the factors that maintain and promote vigilantism in South African society. 

• In rural Mpumalanga, many community projects are reliant on micro-enterprises, such as spaza shops and community gardens, to expand the income generating potential of these communities.   The following research is an investigation to what extent these micro-enterprises actually broaden these communities economic position. 


Here are some elements that you can use to flesh out the section:- 

• Where does the research question come from?

Has it arisen from a debate in literature, if so make sure you introduce the debate in

• Quantify or clarify any particular concepts which are not clear to the reader.

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