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What Goes Into a PhD Dissertation?

A typical thesis will either propagate why a new idea is needed or present a new cool idea, whilst convincing the reader that it's new and cool and this might even apply to the own problems of the reader and then the role of PhD Dissertation is to evaluate just how well it worked, so it is almost like writing a term paper.

When writing a PhD Dissertation here are some quick tips that you should consider:-

Integrate all the pieces

- Make sure you write a substantial introduction that ties all the work together, paying special attention to the novel contributions.

- Write a concluding chapter (make sure it is brief) that recaptures the story summarising what you have learned from the research.

- Reorganise the chapters so that they support and help to develop the story you are telling from the introduction.

- Make sure that the terminology, notation and style are consistent throughout your dissertation.

- Take ideas, results and text from previous papers, making sure you give credit to the authors of the papers.

Expand the dissertation text

- Make the text more tutorial, clearer and more thoughtful.

- Add more intuitions and examples to aid the reader.

- Add variations, counter arguments and alternative explanations to your dissertation.

- Add new tests, studies, experiments and theories to your work.

- Make sure you add enough details to your work, so that the reader could go and replicate your work or apply it in a new setting.

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