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Need Help With Your Personal Statement?

Personal Statements are usually required in postgraduate study

Most Universities will ask you for one A4 page (usually about 250-500 words in length) where you will be asked to sell yourself.  Depending on the University, they will either ask you to:- 

1. Provide them with evidence in support of your application.

2. Or they will be more specific and ask you a question such as this:-

" Describe your reasons briefly for wanting to take this PhD Course giving the relevance of your previous experience and education. “ 

You may be looking to study for your PhD at different Universities, so you will most probably need slightly different statements for each one.   In each of the cases of applying to different Universities, you should carefully research the course and what the University is looking for in each case, before submitting an application.

You must ensure that you use good English in your personal statement writing.  Making sure that the statement is lively, different and fresh and sets you apart from the crowd, whilst being clear and concise.

Don’t be tempted to go over the word limit.  Bullet your points if you have to.   Above all you should present a personal statement that is typed, enthusiastic and positive.

If you are looking for free advice on how to write your PhD personal statement or your PhD application then you should get in touch with us via our contact us page to see how we can help you today.  

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