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So congratulations you have been accepted on to a PhD course!  

The curriculum of most PhD Programmes includes both required electives and courses.  Electives are there to provide you with additional tools that will help you to pursue your specific research interests.   Whereas courses give you the fundamental tools that you need to conduct the research in your chosen subject area.

Before you can get to grips with writing your PhD thesis, you will normally need to earn credits over a 2-3 year period through a course module system related to the area of research that your PhD is investigating.   The elective system normally allows you to choose from subjects that are partly related to your main research, i.e. a human resources PhD student could elect to study industrial relations, corporate psychology or micro economics for instance.

The type of PhD coursework you will need to complete will consist of term papers, extended essays and thesis writing assignments, which will help you to practice your research and give you the experience that will be needed for eventually writing up your PhD thesis.  Field study projects might also be involved at different stages throughout your PhD course.  

But now you have to undertake electives and courses as part of the PhD’s curriculum and consequently you have PhD essays and reports to complete as part of these electives and courses.   Undertaking these types of PhD essays, PhD reports, PhD coursework and PhD term papers can be daunting for any PhD student.   

This is why at UK PhDs we can give you free advice on how best to tackle these different PhD coursework areas.

Alternatively if you are getting stuck, stressed or are just plain out of ideas on how to answer or start your extra curricular PhD coursework then we can do it for you. 

Just SUBMIT your PhD Project requirements to us TODAY by clicking this Submission Link.   

We will come straight back to you with an answer on how exactly we can help you succeed with your PhD coursework.  


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