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Writing a PhD proposal is one of the most important things (behind your PhD thesis) that you will have to complete in your educational lifetime.   Remember that PhD proposals are never wholly binding, as they can (and they often do) change as your research progresses.  

PhD proposals however help you to work out how well you have researched the proposed subject of study, who is the best and most appropriate supervisor for your PhD studentship; and shows the supervisor roughly how you are going to tackle the PhD thesis.  

So this is why you should talk to your University department in advance, as academic supervisors are actively encouraged to help you prepare for a proposal in advance.

Before you start writing a PhD research proposal, it's a wise idea to do some research on what others have done first and to formulate a clear statement of the problem that you are interested in researching.   

A targeted proposal with a clear statement and offering possible solutions tends to be easier to write than open ended research topics.

A good PhD proposal should answer the following questions:-

1. What do I propose to do in my research?
2. Who else might have done research similar to mine, and what exactly did they do?
3. How is this research going to be carried out?
4. Why is this research going to be important to the academic community?  

You should look at spending about two thirds of page answering and writing on each of the questions mentioned above in your PhD proposal.  

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