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One of the most difficult elements of a PhD studentship is when you have to decide on what topic you want to research and then finding the appropriate supervisor for your PhD Course. 

That is why it is critical that you do some research first on the University department's research activities of the University that are applying to and whether the current staff at that University have research interests that match yours.

Therefore it is recommended that you make some type of contact with the University and the members of staff from it that could result in finding a potential supervisor.

Make sure that you fully explain your particular areas of interest, making it brief and clear at the same time, focusing on one member of staff at a time from each University (try and do this either by telephone or by a face to face meeting).

This whole process might be time consuming for you, but it is just the beginning of your PhD application process and will pay dividends in the long term.

Once you have identified a potential supervisor and a potential research topic, you can then add this information as part of your PhD application.   You should then compile a brief outline of the proposed topic for your PhD studentship.   You might want to expand on your proposed research, by including a fuller description of it that accompanies your PhD application, but this is not always necessary.

You should always note that Universities are unlikely to accept your PhD application if you do not add in information about the proposed PhD topic or area of research.  

Now you can see that choosing the right topic for your PhD is extremely important if you are to succeed in being accepted into any PhD course.   We understand this at UK PhDs and can help you in various ways at this important stage of your PhD application.

Our PhD staff can help you in choosing a PhD Topic, can research potential Universities for you in the UK and abroad that might accept your application and can even write your PhD personal statement for you and more.

Just SUBMIT your PhD Topic requirements to us TODAY by clicking this Submission Link. 


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