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Here are some PhD research proposal Guidelines that you can follow:-

So you have arrived at that point now that you have to write your PhD research proposal.  Here a few tips that could follow to see if you have prepared yourself for this moment.

Try and answer these questions and reach within yourself to see which of the statements best describes you (PRINT THIS PAGE OFF IF IT HELPS YOU)

• Are you fully aware of all the other research that is relevant to your PhD thesis research area?

(___Yes)     (___No) 

• Do you understand and when I say understand (is it as clear as crystal to you) about all of the steps you will need to take in order to write your PhD thesis?  

(___Yes)     (___No)

• Do you think you have the necessary abilities to get through each and every one of the steps needed to complete your PhD thesis?

(___Yes)     (___No)

• Would you say you were motivated enough to get through the PhD thesis writing steps?    

(___Yes)     (___No)

• Would you say that you feel confident that you can meet the deadline for writing this thesis?    

(___Yes)     (___No)

How did you answer the questions above?

If you marked your answers and they were mainly ‘yes’ then I think you are ready for this stage.  

If you are finding that the majority of your answers were answered with a ‘no’, then you should go back and have a really long think about how you could change your thesis proposal and your proposed thesis subject area.

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