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Do you need help with your research writing for your PhD?

Did you know that many students fail their PhD course because of silly mistakes that external PhD examiners have picked up on?   Normally examiners will check your work against standard marking sheets and here are some of the reasons why PhD students have failed their PhD thesis.  

Have a look at your own PhD thesis (before you submit it) and ask yourself honestly whether you have covered all the issues raised below:-

1. Research Gaps Not Identified – Are there any gaps in your research that you are aware of? 

2. Research Significance in Doubt – Is your research of significance? 

3. Research Problem Not Clear – Is your work clear and concise? 

4. The Subject of Research is Not of Current Interest – Is the research you have been using too out of date?

5. Literature is Not Exhaustive, Current or Coherent – Has your literature review explored every possible research source possible? 

6. Local Literature Not Reviewed – Is there any local literature out there that you forgot to include in your thesis? 

7. Literature Review Not Critical Enough – did you give it justice? 

8. Poor Research Design – could you have carried out your research more effectively? 

9. Related Theories Left Out – Have you added enough theories to accompany your research? 

10. Literature Not Related to Real World – Is the literature you are discussing real world enough to be taken seriously? 

If you are having doubts about your PhD thesis now after reading the examiners points above, then don’t despair it is not too late, we can help.

Maybe you don’t have the time to undertake research of your own and need a whole team of cost effective researchers to help you to complete the task in a short space of time?

At UK PhDs we can undertake PhD Research Services and write or even rewrite any type of PhD coursework or even your PhD Thesis for you.

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