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How to Find a Sample Thesis

So that you are able to write a great PhD thesis, you should first grasp the basics of how to start one.  Your PhD thesis should contain the following basic elements:-

- Hypothesis Statement
- Literature Review
- Research Methodology
- Analysis of Data
- Summary
- and finally the Conclusion.

These thesis writing basics are explored in greater detail via various books that can either be bought from bookshops (or ordered through amazon) or they may be available from your University library.   Failing this, you can simply find sample theses on the internet.

The main advantage of scouring through other PhD theses is that you can get a thorough overview of what is required of you, although each and every University has a different way of how they want you to structure your PhD thesis.   So I would recommend that you check fully with your professor or University first of how they would like you to write the thesis first, before you even think about starting to write the first few words.

So back to finding a sample thesis online, our own research has found a site called Scholarius ( which allows users to upload and download PhD theses for free, however when we checked it there were less than 10 PhD theses on the site.

We also found another site that contains academic theses called, they claim to have over 500,000 online theses in their collection.   This however is not a free service, but rather one where you have to pay each time you access a thesis. 

So back to the drawing board then, the best way to find a sample thesis is to ask your University professor for examples of previous theses or to scour through your University library for them.

Good Luck with your search!  

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