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Thesis Methodology Writing Guidelines

Here are some great ideas for your thesis research:-

• To really power up your research writing with new ideas, why don’t you collaborate with persons that will directly benefit from taking part in your thesis.  So have a good think about who those people could be?   Is it the University themselves, could it be your employer or maybe even the employees from a company within the industry that you are writing about?

So for instance if you were writing a thesis on the utility industry and studying techniques to prevent work related accidents, do you think that the employees of the major utility companies would be interested in contributing to the work of your thesis?

• How are you going to structure your methodology?  Is it going to be mainly qualitative or quantitative? 

• You should come up with dissertation titles that you most feel comfortable about writing about.   Titles that will interest and appeal to you.

• The style, writing, title and format of the thesis should not be designed for entertainment purposes, the thesis should be clear and unambiguous to the reader and yourself.   Also make sure you have a well defined list of keywords and titles that are important to your thesis, so that the reader doesn’t get confused by alternating words.

• A good table of contents will serve to improve your thesis.

• Also you should make sure that you don’t repeat yourself within the thesis and therefore are running the risk that you are wasting the readers time and energy.   Always be concise and clear in your thesis writing.

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