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Are You Stuck For Ideas On How to Structure Your Thesis Paper Writing?

So you need to write a thesis paper and are stuck.   The format that you choose for writing your thesis paper is just as important as your thesis writing.   Here is a brief overview of the different sections that your thesis paper will need to cover if you are to be successful at writing your thesis paper:-

1. The Introduction

This is where you must summarise the main question or problem of the thesis, stating why you feel it is important enough to carry out and pursue further research on it.

2. Background Information

If you are finding that your thesis might span across more than one field of study, it might make sense to the readers to give them a quick background on the materials needed so that they can appreciate it.

3. Review Major Ideas in the Field Right Now

Especially those that matter directly to your topic.

4. State Your Problem Statement or Research Question

In this section, give a very concise statement of the research problem that you think that your thesis tackles.

5. Conclusion

It’s recommended to make the conclusion of your thesis paper, concise and more importantly short in length.   This is because the work that you will be discussing here has already been written about in detail throughout your thesis.   Try and present in bullet or number format, as it will help the reader to gain overall clarity of the thesis, especially if you are talking about issues of a multi-pronged nature.

Another important thing to add to this section is that you should add a summary of what you think your thesis has contributed to the subject area or field.

6. References

This section consists of further materials, so that the reader can consult to it at anytime.

7. Appendices

This chapter will contain items that you might have decided to leave out of the main body of the thesis, so that these items don’t stifle the continuity of the work.

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